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Hi I just bought some Terramycin for my Leo but I don't know how to apply it please help me I'm worry should I put it on his eye. Feed it to her. Or around her eye

First, I'm not sure who told you it was okay to attempt to treat a medical issue in a reptile when you have no experience, but they were wrong.

Regarding eye issues: These can be due to a bacterial infection in the eye, or they can be due to vitamin A deficiency.  There are other possibilities as well.  A qualified reptile veterinarian should be able to determine the difference, and also culture the organism responsible (if any).

While there are some antibiotic eye ointments available sometimes, they shouldn't be used if you aren't certain what the problem is!

Obviously eye ointments should be applied to eyes, and nothing else should be.  If the antibiotic is intended for oral use, you need a correct doseage based on the animal's weight, and species... but of course, that's not really recommended for an eye problem.  It's certainly not recommended for someone with no experience.  Overdosing antibiotics is deadly.

If the antibiotic is intended for fish, forget about it.

Please take your gecko to an experienced reptile veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment.  Veterinary care is a normal part of the cost of pet ownership.


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