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How are you?
I have a question about feeding a leopard gecko.
So I'm new, VERY reptiles. I have been doing a lot of research on how to feed leopard geckos etc.
This guy online breeds them and sells them and so I ordered a 2 year old male adult leopard gecko. This guy strictly feeds them Mealworms and the occasional wax worm for treats.

My mom doesn't want me to keep bugs in the fridge... I wasnted to do the mealworm diet that he is use too, so I was wondering, would you recommend a cooler? or mini fridge?

My other option, I was thinking was superworms.
He is a 82 gram male, so he should be big enough to take them, Of course they will be properly dusted and guy loaded etc.

I will provide 3 dishes: Water,Food and calcium for him as well.
Do you think he will like the super worms?  Are they safe?

Would he eat these until I get my own mini fridge to store the meal worms?

Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Jasmine,

Wow I would like to see a picture, 82 grams is very impressive size wise!
When feeding leopard geckos, it is important to consider the size.  He can handle superworms, but, not the full sized ones.  I would get baby superworms, or mealworms.  There are also other choices such as waxworms, butterworms, or phoenix worms you can choose also.
You don't necessarily need to keep the mealies in a fridge, either.  They are fine kept in a substrate for food, with some potatoes or carrots for moisture.
It slows their growth down & they don't gutload as well.  
He definitely should like the superworms though, most tend to!
Do you have a picture of his set up also?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again!
I know his size is amazing. I can upload some photo's!
Here is my big boy: I haven't received him in the mail yet due to cold weather:

Here is my setup: It has 3 Dishes like I mentioned before, A heat pad under tank. A moist hide on the warm side and a cool hide on the cool side. These plastic dishes came in a kit I ordered from the breeder! It save me a lot of money.

This picture is Of : Bottle of Calcium, Bag of Gutload, Bag of Hide Dirt for shedding. This dirt will go in the most hide cup. A container to feed and gutload my meal worms. And An extra small hide.

These are some homemade hides, not sure if they are any good:

Thanks xD Let me know if anything needs improving. This is all stuff from the breeder so idk. He said papertowel or newspaper and a 10 gallon tank are fine.

ANSWER: Hello Jasmine,

Everything looks fine.  He is georgeous, too.  :-))
The small hides are fine.  You can use newspaper, paper towels or felt & even non adhesive shelf liner also for substrate.  
The under tank heater is great so you can keep him warm along with his moist hide/cave. You will also need a low wattage basking light too.
The 10 gallon is fine for him, too.
When do you anticipate getting him?

Thanks for the pictures, they came out nicely!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Tracie!
I was told that they don't need a basking light because the absorb belly heat, so I returned the one I had.

I'm supposed to be getting him this week! The breeder guy said they the big males like him may not eat as much at first due to mating season that just passed or something.

So idk, I hope for the best!

Also here is another photo of him:

Hello Jasmine,

Well, they do very well with a low wattage bulb overhead also, in combination with the undertank heater.  He needs a warm/basking spot of around 88-90 too.
Our leopard geckos we have kept in the past have done great with some lighting as they are not all nocturnal but classified as diurnal.
You can use just a regular household bulb for the basking.  Then, turn that off overnight & leave the undertank heater on 24/7.
He looks very good.  I am sure you are looking forward to getting him now!



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