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Reptiles/leopard gecko mouth rot


Hey there Tracie I hope you are doing well. I have a juvinal leo that appears to have the beginning of mouth rot. I know, take her to the vet, I can not afford a vet. I have been reading up on it and the causes just do not exist in my habitats. The temps are correct I clean them and give fresh water daily etc... I understand this can be an indicator of other issues. This is a baby I hatched myself and she is housed with other babies I have hatched so no out side geckos (they are about 6 months old)I am wondering (I know a trip to the vet would be best but I can not afford it)well let me say I have isolated her. Anyway I was wondering if I were to clean it with peroxide then put antibiotic ointment on it if they would help? I know this sound a bit radical but I have a stgeroidal paste I use for sores I get in my mouth, do you think it would be bad to try that on her? I know I am grasping at straws and feel horrable I can not take her to a vet but there has to be something I can try. As always thank you for your time and help you are the best. If you want I can send you pics of it, it has just started and cant be over a week old (the infection).

Hello Dena,

I completely understand.  Mouth rot can also be caused by a mouth injury of some type also.  Maybe a cricket or worm bit her & bacteria seated itself which started the infection.
I would use betadine, but not peroxide.  It is too cytotoxic to be used for reptiles.  Dilute the betadine down until it looks like weak tea.  Then you can use novalsan cream on it which you should be able to find at a feed store possibly.  
That should help along with keeping her tank a little warmer than usual to help fight off any infection she may have.
Yes, you can go ahead & send a picture too just so I can see.
Hope everything is going well!



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