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I have recently purchased and brought my Chinese Water dragon home. It has been about five days now since I brought him home and I have been running into one issue for the pass two days. He has been getting some of the soil in his right eye, which I research and found out it is common. Yesterday afternoon I put a warm Kleenex on his eye and got it all out and he was fine but tonight I found that he got some more again in the same eye. Is there anything I can do for him to get it out? What can I do to prevent this (besides moving the substrate if possible because of the plants)?

Tank Details:
65 gallon aquarium (I will be building him a new home in the few months)
100watt basking bulb with a tree to climb close to it
UVB over his water dish & plants
Two live plants -- one unknown tropical plant & one umbrella tree
Soil substrate that comes into a brick spread over, two inches deep
A large container is used as his "swimming pool"

The people at the pet store think he is a male and he is about 8 inches long. Do you know how old that would make him?

Can you send a pic of the Viv? I would presume the basking lights are over the plants and that may be why he is constantly getting substrate in his eye. Either that or he is diving for food. Generally, a quick warm bath will remove any substrate as you have done. He sounds to be maybe less than a year or just at a year old to me. I would have to recheck some info to be exact though. We also have an article coming out on CWD on my site soon.  


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