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Reptiles/Urgent help!! please!!! female flap neck chameleon. south africa


QUESTION: Hi there, i am rather desperate now. I am totally heartbroken seeing my flap neck chameleon like this. Her name is Paula. She was found roaming around my boyfriends factory, I couldnt bare to leave her in tjose conditions so we brought her home. We have spent thousands of rands ensuring her husbandry is perfect. She has a bask lamp, uv lamp, eats crickets every day with calcium and d3 dusted on. She used to sleep with her red light on, but lately prefers total darkness. She has been very healthy. Beautiful colour and loved climbing all over me. We changed our cricket supplier 2 weeks ago and it seems since we did, she stopped pooping and didnt really eat. She became a horrible dark almost black colour and sat in one spot the whole day. She deteriorated over the last 6 days so i took her to a vet today. He gave her an enema and injected her wih 3 different things. I dont know what they were, i only know the one was for parasites. When he was done, and he gave her to me, she was bright yellow with black stripes. She has been sleeping the whole day and is turning black and her faces has a grey appearance and her eyes are totally sunken. I cant handle seeing her like this. She also makes awkward movements, alnost like shes trying to process stuff in her tummy. I have opened her mouth periodicaly and put drops of water in and also making sure her cage is high in humidity. I need your help. Please tell me she is going to be ok. Please tell me she isnt going to die. I love her more than anything in this world. I dont know her age, she might be 8 months or a year old....

ANSWER: OK, what did the vet tell you? I would have to know as well what the temps and length of UV exposure is as well. I would recommend that you read this article what was the reason for changing cricket suppliers? She sounds to be dehydrated from the sunken eye description that you gave. Are you spraying her to give her humidity and do you have plants in the vivarium with a water drip system?

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what she looks like now
what she looks like no  
didnt tell me much unfortunately. He was quiye aggressive and `hard`. South africa is lacking in reptile vets, this was the only one near me i could go to. He did say to bring her back on tuesday, but im worried that further stress from the way he handles her, will kill her.
I have her UV light on for about 12 hours a day. I changed cricket supplier because i heard chameleons could get parasites from `dirty` crickets, so the new supplier looked cleaner to me...
I am keeping her humidity up as much as I can, and misting every hour. She also has. Waterfall which should help with that, but it doesnt really. I have attached a photo from.when she came put of the vet today. I will attach one of what she looks like now as well.

Does the enclosure have plants that she can climb on? I would set up a lot of plants as she may feel insecure and she does look dehydrated to me as well. Is she drinking at all? There are just so many factors that come into play with Chameleons it's very hard to help without examining the reptile personally. I would suggest misting and getting her to drink as well for the time being until you can get back to the vet. When at the vets office express the concern of the rough handling as Chameleons are a 'delicate' species.  


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