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Hello mine name is ashton i have recently bout a water dragon and i have done plenty of research on them and i do believe that they are supposed to be green but i have had mine for a solid week and he is still brown when i bout him form petco he was brown he eats good he loves them crickets eats some lettuce and strawberries he is kinda lethargic he will just chill in his water bowl i keep his humidity at a steady 60 percent and heat at a good 83... He only like 3 inches in the body so he is still a baby not sure how old but him being brown concerns me... Is it because he is a juvenile or is something wrong?plz help

A photo would be helpful.  What you're describing of his diet, sounds like you may want to do a bit more research.  Lettuce is not generally recommended as a food for reptiles.  It's too low in nutrition, overall.  It's great that such a small water dragon will accept plant foods for you, though.

I would definitely need more details about your setup, including lighting, basking options, sixe of enclosure, whether or not he's handled, exactly how much he's eating, supplements, etc.

His being brown might be a sign of stress, but without more details, I couldn't guess.

Reptiles purchased from pet stores, especially large chain stores, have been subjected to quite a lot of stress, and may have been exposed to disease or parasites.  I recommend a veterinary checkup with a fecal exam for all reptiles purchased from pet stores.


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