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About 4 weeks ago I bought a 7 weeks old rankins dragon. Until now he was doing great, he was active and eating well. Since a couple of days, he has been very lethargic. He sleeps almost the entire day and does not move from his little hide in the corner. He still eats his crickets but wont eat any greens. As soon as i pick him up he wakes up and starts moving. Otherwise he lies completely still.
I did notice that he started behaving like this since i cleaned his viv. I readjusted some things so he has more opportunities to hide now and i sprayed the viv with zoo med wipe out 1. Could that have anything to do with it?
What could be wrong with him?


Well this could be anything from nothing to a major problem, and it's going to be nearly impossible for me to tell via the internet.  Dragons do go somewhat dormant during the winter months, so that could be what you are seeing. Though your's seems a bit young to be doing that.  BUT...  you did say it is still eating and active when you pick it up.  Probably the safest/easiest thing to check would be for you to have a vet perform a fecal test and look for parasites.  The next time he poops, place the feces in a ziplock and take it into the nearest reptile vet for a check.  Shouldn't run you more than about $25 and if he finds anything then you'll be able to treat the dragon and he should feel better (assuming he's actually sick and not just in winter mode).


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