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Hey there! i recently purchased a baby leopard gecko, and i have  a 10 gallon tank with one rock hide, humid hide, and hide on the cold end. I also provide a food dish which contains small meal worms with calcium/d3 at the bottom, for when it decides to eat out of it so i know for sure hes getting proper calcium/d3, the first day i got it, it ate 4 dusted supposedly medium crickets, but they were in fact small, the next morning i saw that it pooped almost the length of its tail! lol, the second day it didnt seem to want to eat anything, the third day it ate 1 cricket, the fourth day it ate one cricket and almost went after another, for some reason it lost interest when the cricket ran away. It seems as if it has a weird eating pattern, and i just wanted to know if it normal for a baby to act like this for the first week and what should i do for it to have a normal eating schedule. thanks!

Hi Alfonso,

I don't think you have anything to worry about. The feeding pattern of new arrivals can be sporadic until they settle into the new environment. They often do not feed at all for the first week, so your little guy is doing pretty well. As a baby he is also still perfecting his hunting skills. Their appetite will often diminish as they prepare to shed which babies do quite frequently in response to their rapid growth.

Keep in mind that although leos will eat just about anytime, they are actually nocturnal and his most active and alert period would occur sometime after midnight.


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