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Hi Donna,
I recently took over Shen, a 5 year old bearded dragon.  I am more then likely not been patient but just wanted some advice. I have had her for 2 weeks now, I am trying my best for her to get used to me, I feed her 3 worms morning and evening, I talk to her as much as possible, she is in my lounge and has full view of the family. Everytime I attempt to touch her she "puffs" herself up, my last bearded dragon was so loveable and I could take her out, she loved been out her tank, slept in my lap etc. What I else can I do to get Shen to trust me to get to the stage I was with my previous one.

My husband says I should give it time. I am 18 weeks pregnant, not sure if she could sense that?

Any advice to get Shen to trust me would be appreciated!

Thank you,


It's only been 2 weeks...

Most reptiles need at least one full week (usually recommended that they not be handled at all during that time) just to get used to a new enclosure.  Give this one a couple of months to get used to the routines, and to you. :)


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