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Reptiles/bearded dragon behaviour


hi I have a 3mnth old beardie , he/she eats small crickets mealworms and salad/veg all are dusted with calcium powder.
This is my first beardie but have been researching them for a while before I bought one.
my question is he/she is constantly trying to attack his reflection in glass tank. He/she does a lot of head bobbing and movement he/she races around the tank after his food then goes back to his basking spot its just that glass attraction could you help

Hi Andrew,
He is chasing that "OTHER" dragon away!!!!  He doesn't know that it is him... you can try to place fake plants along the bottom part of the glass to break the reflection... if necessary, you may need to put some of the contact paper on the inside of the glass.  The contact paper that give the impression of frosted glass.  Generally you only need to cover a few inches up.  Some do outgrow that stage but others will continue to "defend" his castle.


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