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I purchased a pair of bearded dragons a few months ago, and tonight while we were eating dinner she laid eggs.   They are round and full in shape, not white.  Im wondering if they would be considered fertile or not, Ive read on most sites that infertile eggs are yellow and dented.    These are yellow but with like a white chalky covering almost on them, one or two have small dents in them, but I think I caused that from moving them, she really had them buried deep.

Should I attempt to incubate these or are they not  fertile.

Hi Amber,

Your description alone told me that the eggs were not fertile and the photos confirmed it. Thank you for including those.

That is quite typical of how infertile reptile eggs look, with translucent yellow areas and only thin, spotty areas of white. They are also often smaller and somewhat mis-shapen

Fertile eggs will have a consistent, thicker looking leathery cover and be consistently oval.

There is a photo here of fertile bearded eggs

Don't get discouraged. Beardeds can lay more then one clutch and it is just the start of the usual egg laying season. Feed your female well with additional calcium to replace what she lost to those eggs and keep your incubator ready.  


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