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Reptiles/best way to get my beardie to interact and used to being in the floor


asleep in my hand
asleep in my hand  
My name is Dana my bearded dragon is a little over two years old I got him right before he turned two. I am a beginner with a beardie but have handled and raised iguanas before. How can I get my beardie to interact with me better and get to where he will move around in my living room? Also how often can I give him a bath to help with shedding? Thanks in advance

Bearded dragons are known for being very docile and tolerant animals that are content to hang out with you for long periods of time...not so much known for running around.  I think they would find it a bit intimidating to be out in the open on the floor, though, especially with all of those big humans looming over them.  Iguanas are so much larger.

It's not necessary to bathe them.  Being desert animals, they don't require it.  I would not soak a bearded dragon more often than once a week, and be sure that no water gets into the nostrils.  Be sure they have water available in their cage.  They will get most of the water they need from their salad. :)  


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