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I gecko is about 6 months old. The temps in her cage are between 75-95. She is on reticarpet, 2 hides, eats mealworms and crickets and has a water bowl and calcium bowl.

She started favoring her eye keeping one closed and now has them both closed. I sprayed water on her to get her to open them and the looked greyish.

I am trying to see if there are any medicines I can get that are alternatives to going to the vet since it it very expensive here.

She has eaten in about a week, due to her eyes I'm sure.

I'm afraid I can't recommend simply treating her eyes without a vet visit.  There are other issues that can cause eye problems in leopard geckos, such as vitamin A deficiency.  You will want a proper diagnosis, so the correct treatment can be given.  I would shop around for a good herp vet.  You should choose a vet that has plenty of experience with reptiles.  Vet cost should generally not exceed $60 for a visit.


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