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Reptiles/Leopard gecko with MBD


Hi, I'm very concerned for my Leo. He's about 6 months old and suffering from MBD. I would like to know where I can buy supplements and how I can make him better. He's not eating and I'm afraid he don't have much longer to live. Please help!!

Hi Mike,

In advanced or severe cases it is advisable to use liquid calcium which is more readily absorbed. You should be able to find it at any drug store. There is a dosage chart here but for a leo it would essentially be a couple drops twice a day.

The liquid calcium does not contain vitamin D3. The presence of vit.D3 increases the absorption of the calcium from the gut.

Any store that sells reptile supplies will have powdered calcium supplements that include vitamin D3. You want one that has no phosphorous which can reduce the calcium absorption. A good choice is RepCal.

If your leo has not been eating you can try mixing in a tiny pinch of the calcium powder into some turkey based baby food and dabbing a bit on his snout. They will often respond by licking it off which will give him nutritional support.

It is important to keep him hydrated in order for him to absorb and metabolize the calcium. Soak him in a bit of barely warm water if he is still holding his head up or dribble a bit of water down over his snout so that it runs down toward his mouth. Good luck with him.  


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