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Reptiles/My leopard geckos is bright red like sunburn


Over the past week my gecko has stop eating his tail has turned bright red like sunburn and has been licking it like crazy I recently had to switch to a 150 bulb because my house was to cold and I couldn't get his cage above 85 now it is between 95-100. He is going to the vet tomorrow

Hello Rachil,

Do you have any pictures of his coloration?
Did you have an undertank heater that got too hot also?
I would turn the bulb off, if you have not done so already.  He most likely has been burned by too much heating in his tank.
YOu can use a ceramic heat emitter along with a lower wattage bulb to help with the temperatures.  He only needs an 88-90 hot spot.  Were you able to have a cooler end of 78-82?  
Have you been able to get some food into him, via syringe?  I would recommend using some chicken or turkey baby food with a plastic dropper or syringe to feed him right now to help with weight loss.  

Let me know how things go at the vets tomorrow.



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