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chinese water dragon& swift
chinese water dragon&  
agama lizard
agama lizard  
QUESTION: My chinese water dragon won't eat like she usually does and has been shedding for a while now only her tail isn't completely finish shedding and my curly tailed swift stop eating.They are housed in a 20gal but my chinese water dragon cage is getting built they was too stressed out in a bigger tank so I put them in something smaller they all are active now my chinese water dragon and swift is a juvenile the temperature is 80s-90s on warm side 75-80s on the cool side 90s-100 basking spots clean water they only eat waxworms,mealworms,hornworms,crickets(only when they feel like it,but not anymore),feeder fish,smaller lizards but occasionally they aren't skinny and my agama won't drink water but is doing perfectly fine active&eating also health but I'm concerned ohh yeah and humidity is from 50%-80%.Humidity is only a problem when I'm in school I can't ask anyone at home to spray the tank because they bite others and recognize and trust me most.
         Here are pictures          Thanks for your help!!!!!

ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

You have quite an array of lizards there!  Are they housed separately, correct?
What is the size of the tank your Chinese water dragon is in?  Are you using a glass tank?
What about your curly tail, what is the tank he is in?
What size tank is your swift in?

Are you using any UVB lighting for them also & if so, what type is it?  What type of basking lights are you using?
I usually don't recommend feeding smaller lizards, personally I guess I can't handle it.  :-)
So I stick with feeder insects instead.  It is much easier on them to handle for digestion, etc.  
I guess they prefer you over everyone one then if they try to bite others.
How often are you giving them calcium?
What are their ages, too?

Are you using a digital probe or temp gun to measure the temperatures in the tank?  As long as they have a cooler end, the basking temperatures sound good.  
I would keep a water dish in for them, to keep humidity levels up.  It is more of an issue with your water dragon than your swift & your curly tail.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I had them separated in bigger tanks but they got stressed out so I put them in a 20gal glass tank my chinese water dragon cage is getting built by someone I 5.0 uvb 13 Watt bulb with two 60watt daytime heat lamps I use a thermometer and I dust the food with calcium once or twice a week I don't know they're ages because I bought them from the pet store okay I will stick to insects

ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

Great, I would love to see the finished tank for your water dragon when it's done!
I would go ahead & use the calcium several times a week to ensure they are getting enough calcium right now.
Is the UVB a compact/coil or a long fluorescent tube bulb?
I know, it's hard to know the ages, when you purchase from the pet store unless they know exactly what their ages were.
They sure can get stressed out so easily by relocation & moving them around.
Are you using a stick on type of thermometer or a digital probe type?
How are they all doing today?

Let me know how they are all doing.

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QUESTION: My agama is eating I know but I'm not sure if my swift and water dragon is eating but I use a coil uvb bulb and they are running around and basking its just eating that concerns me also when the cage is delivered and setup I would be glad to send a picture but I got the tank made long instead of high because she always caused trauma to herself by jumping and falling so I was told to avoid a high tank ohh I forgot I use a stick on thermometer and they feces look normally and is parasite free

Hello Porsher,

I would recommend changing the coil UVB light out as they tend not to be very effective for emitting UVB.  The wavelength they emit is not good quality.  I would opt for either the Reptisun 10 tube bulb or the Arcadia D3 12% tube bulb, either one is great.
That is fine, as long as the tank has enough run space, the height is not all that important.  

Try getting a digital probe or temp gun for better accuracy for measuring the temperatures, just to be sure the temperatures are optimal for them.
I hope they are all doing well, what a collection you have.  Agamas are beautiful, just like bearded dragons.

Let me know how things are going.


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