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QUESTION: Our baby frilled is looking SOOO much better!! Thank you soo much for your help!! We still have to force feed her the baby food because she won't eat on her own yet but she is gaining her weight and strength back. She's been alert like she used to be, running and jumping around being silly again. Thank goodness!!  We put in a cricket a few times throughout the day to see if she'll start eating on her own again and even though she doesn't she is better at acknowledging that they're around her so hopefully she'll be eating on her own again. The bruising under her eyes are better also. It's still there but it seems to be healing well. When would it be okay to turn on the UVB light? Should we wait for the bruising to be completely gone? And when we do turn the lights on should we leave it on all day? Or turn it on every other day?

ANSWER: Hello Tianna,

That is great news she is doing so much better now!  
At least she is starting to gain some weight back now.  I think it will be pretty soon that she starts to eat on her own.  
It will take a little bit of time for the tissues to heal but gradually you wont even notice it after awhile.  The skin may shed off too.
How long has the bad light been off for now?  If she is keeping her eyes open all day long now then you can go ahead & place the new light over her along with the basking light.  You can leave it on for the duration of the basking light, if she does well with it.

Let me know how she is doing.


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Our baby frilled
Our baby frilled  
QUESTION: She is doing so good!  She just started eating on her own again, super worms and crickets. Thank you so much for your help! We appreciate it very much. If any problems come up or if we just have a question about her we'll be sure to email you back. Again thank you so much!

Hello Tianna,

Wow that is such great news for Tazi.  I had forgotten to say how beautiful she is.
She must be feeling much better if she is eating on her own now.  I hope she continues to do well for you.
Anytime you need anything, just let me know.  :-)



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