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Frilled lizard
Frilled lizard  
QUESTION: Hi, me and my boyfriend just recently got a baby frilled dragon in Feb. They said at the time she was about 2-3 months old. She was doing fine for the first month and a half, very active, ate about 4-7 small crickets every day, maybe skip a day in between but would eat the very next day. When we first got her we were using a rug for her cage but read some articles about them keeping parasites in the rug and could get our lizard sick so we changed it for coco fibre, which the people from the pet store said that its good for all kinds of lizards. Some time this week she started eating less..... We bought some hornworms, silkworms, and reptiworms to see if she would eat them and she just ignored them. We had to force feed her the last 2 days because she didnt want to eat on her own and she started to look a bit thinner. When we tried feeding her today i noticed that she was shedding around her mouth area. It looks like underneath her eyes she has some bruising. I would really appreciate it if someone could help if they had any ideas what it might be.. She still climbs up her branches and runs around but definitely not like she was before... Her temperature is always 95-100 and humidity 55-65... Could it be that shes just shedding?? Or could it be her UVB light? We have a exo terra 26w repti glo 10.0... Help please!!

ANSWER: Hello Tianna,

She is beautiful, I am sure you have fallen in love with her already!
The temperatures sound very good.  Are you using a digital probe or temp gun?
Yes, her closed eyes will be directly related to the Exo terra light.  It is the compact/coil light, correct?  
Go ahead & turn the light off for now, leaving just her basking light on.  Are you using a bright white basking light & not one which is a "daytime" light that has a bluish coating on it?
You can get either the Reptisun 10 tube bulb or the Arcadia D3 12% for UVB for her.  You can get either one of them at:

Could you post a picture of her tank set up also just so I can see it?
The coco fiber in her tank should be fine, it will help hold the humidity too.  
Continue with syringe/assist feeding her right now until she begins eating on her own.

Let me know how she is doing.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

frilled lizard
frilled lizard  
QUESTION: We turned the UVB light off it was the coiled one, and took her a bath and let her out and she looks so much better! Shes keeping her eyes opened more than she was yesterday. She still shuts them but she does look a lot better. We went to get a different UVB light a few hours ago and we bought the Reptisun 5.0 is that okay? They said they 10.0 was for desert and since Frilleds dont need much sun I assumed it would be fine, if not I will buy the 10.0 if its better for her. We do not use the blue daytime light we use the regular basking light. We use the regular thermometers to check the heat and the hygrometer for the humidity. Is that okay or would you recommend the digital probe or temp gun? We noticed she does something with her eyes where she poofs them out when there closed, and when they open she sometime does something with them where they look red. It doesnt stay like that she can make it go back to normal its only for a few seconds.

Hello Tianna,

Yes, the Reptisun 5 tube bulb will be ok for her.  They are a little lower UVB requirement reptiles so that will be fine right now.  Maybe give a few days before turning it on over her just to give her eyes time to heal.
The tank setup looks good.  If you are using a bright white light for basking right now that is great.  The colored lights are hard on their eyes.
The digital probe or temp gun will be more accurate than the stick on type of thermometers.  You can use it for the humidity readings though.  
She may be eye bulging to get ready for shedding.  How often does she do this?
You can get some sterile saline solution for her eyes to help as well if her eyes seem to be bothering her.
How is her appetite doing today?



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