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I have (I think) an adult bearded dragon named smokey. He was given to us by my husbands cousin. My question is can he have dead crickets. I bought 100 crickets today and they were left in the bag longer than expected, I got home and every one of them was dead. So am I still able to give them to him or can I refridgerate or freeze them?

Hi Cassandra,
I wouldn't feed them to your dragon as the way the crickets dies is not a safe way..they may have formed gasses in their bodies which can harm your dragon.
You can just dispose of the crickets.  
You can purchase the canned insects though.  Many beardies go crazy for the canned grass hoppers.  Although not a replacement for their live insects, the canned are a nice change for them.  
Since your beardie is an adult, 90% of his diet should be his salad of dark, leafy greens so not having his insects for a few days is fine.


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