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Hiya- I have a year old beardie named Ava who has a weird ear problem right now. I'm wondering if its anything to be concerned about and if so what can I do/do I need to take her to the vet. In oth ears, Ava has what it looks like to be a plastic bubble right inside her ears. This is something new, and when I lightly felt it with a q tip is made a plastic noise. It doesn't seem to bug her- even when I touched it- but of course I'm still concerned. She is my first beardie and I want her to live a long and healthy life. Thank you in advanced!!!

Hello Tara,

Can you post or send a picture of her ear?  They do have a thin membrane over their ears.  
Does it appear infected or did she scratch at it tearing the membrane when shedding?
Are you using a loose substrate or a solid substrate like paper towels or non adhesive shelf liner?

Does it seem to cause her some pain?
Until I can see pictures, I would avoid getting the area wet right now if it is an open area.



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