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I bought me first bearded dragon about a month ago at around 6 months old. Since i have had him he doesn't seem to go to the toilet every often. He has newspaper as a substrate so not to cause impaction and a variety of live food and fresh greens every morning. I also read a lot about them before i got him so not to cause him unnecessary harm by not knowing what I'm doing. I have also tried giving him a bath every day or so and massaging it gently to try and get things moving but it doesn't seem to be helping and he hasn't done anything for 4 days!!!! Apart from that he seemed quite healthy and active and eating regularly, but today he seems to want to sleep more and eat less. I really could do with some advice on what to do, please help!!!!

Hi Amy,
It sounds like you have tried many of the tricks for going to the bathroom and you are feeding him both the animal proteins and vegetable matter.
Are you misting his "salad" to get water into your dragon?  He may not be getting enough water into his system...
You can also try watermelon.  If he seems constipated or strains when going to the bathroom, you can offer him some baby food prunes.
Also, do double check your temperatures, especially the basking area.
be sure that the temperature at his level in the basking area is a gradient of 95-105F
If his belly temperature can't get to the needed temperature, his digestion will be slower. Also, make sure he gets a good amount of exercise.
If you can, you can check out some of my other answers on bearded dragons to see my care sheet.
I am on a new computer and I don't have all my care sheets loaded into it yet.


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