Why is my chameleon sleeping through the day, she isn't eating much and is normally awake and moving around during the day?

Hi Emily,

Lethargy and lack of appetite often occur together in reptiles. They are common symptoms but don't have any one particular cause. Any type of illness, from bacterial infection,   parasites, calcium deficiency, egg binding, dehydration or even stress can result in the behaviour you are seeing. Environmental factors such as  too cool temperatures are a common cause as well.

I can't advise you on environmental or husbandry factors without knowing which species you have and how she is currently being kept. ie. temperatures, lighting, water source, diet and vitamin supplementation etc

You mentioned that it is a female. That also presents a special challenge with chameleons. Egg-laying species like veileds will produce eggs starting around 6 months of age even without being bred to a male. It is important to provide them with a suitable spot to bury the eggs and additional dietary calcium in order to avoid egg-binding. Gravid females will often show digging/restless behaviour in the lower corners of the enclosure.


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