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I would like to ask you about a wild Green Anole lizard I found three or so days ago. Normally I find these lizards in my screened in porch on a regular basis (so clearly they are more than capable of coming in and out without a problem). This lizard is unusual though because he has stayed in the exact same area for three days now. Every time I find him he is completely still and dark brown and is kind of on the skinny side. When I go to pick him up he is doesn't fuss much and willingly crawls into my hand. After he sits there in my hand for a bit he turns bright green and is kind of spunky. As a side note, yesterday he kept opening it's mouth a lot as if he was hungry/thirsty, (which I thought was kind of weird) so I'm not sure if he is eating or not.

I just want this little guy to be healthy. So my question is; is he sick or something? My brother owns a chameleon, so he helped me put together a small temporary cage for the anole and we put a heating lamp over him. I want to release him back into the wild but I want to make sure he is healthy before I do so.

Thanks for your input!

It does sound as though the anole is ill, possibly with a respiratory infection (opening the mouth can be a sign of this - think of how you feel when you're stuffed up with a cold, and are having trouble breathing).  The truth is that he is unlikely to recover without veterinary care.  Only a vet will be able to diagnose the exact problem, and treat it appropriately.  The dark color, the weight loss, the lethargy, and opening the mouth are all signs of serious illness, though of course it can't be diagnosed without a vet checkup.  Sick reptiles will not eat.  Anoles drink water only from droplets, so spray often to help him stay hydrated and more comfortable.  Temperatures should be 80F with a 90F basking spot (and controlled temperatures are vital).


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