My Turtle..
My Turtle..  
My RES turtle's shell has white spots all over it...i dont think its shell rot.. but the shell is peeling.. she hasnt been in the water much cause she has been in her nesting box, shes pregnant with infertile eggs. I cant figure out whats wrong!!! I dont know how old she is.. but shes not a baby. Her shell is 6 inch. HHHHEEEELLLLPPP!!!

What's her diet like?  Turtles do shed their skin, and shed the scutes on their shells at the same time, so that is normal.  I am not a veterinarian (and no one can diagnose an animal over the internet, of course).  My recommendation is to take her to a vet for a checkup.  (Like all pets, reptiles should have an annual checkup, anyhow).  If it some sort of fungal infection, it can be treated.  What is her diet like?  Dietary deficiencies could cause shell health problems as well.  Are you certain she's gravid?  


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