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So I got home from work this morning and found that one of my geckos had what looks to be white masses randomly on her body. the one that stuck out was on her foot and it was causing her not to be able to walk well. She also has a smaller one on another foot and on her chest under her neck. I separated the two because i didnt know if it was a fungus, and cleaned the tank really well. Help please! I love this little guy and would love to know if you know what im talking about?

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If you can get a picture it would be easier to help I sent the question to our in house vet who should be replying to me shortly and please do follow-up with me if you don't hear from me in a day or two. It sounds like a fungi of some kind also what are the enclosure parameters as in heat both basking and ambient as well as substrate used and diet?  


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