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Our Chinese Water Dragon Khaleesi  that we have had for a month now jumped from about 5 feet off the floor and landed on some ceramic tile, since then she seems to be laboring when breathing. Khaleesi since her jump has also been opening and closing her mouth constantly as if in pain or possibly being aggressive. Is it possible that she has hurt herself from the jump/landing?

Hello David,

Oh that does not sound good.  It is a huge possibility that she did hurt herself, internally either her ribs or possibly liver or another bone.
The erratic or labored breathing is a sign of pain & or stress associated with an injury.  Also, opening & closing her mouth is another marked sign of distress on some level.
Is she eating anything right now or does she try to bite you?
Has she lost any weight?
I would try to get her in for at least an x-ray to determine any bone injury or an ultrasound to see if there are any internal injuries.  
Can she walk & climb normally?



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