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I have a bearded dragon that is approximately 10 months old.  He eats a well balanced diet conaisting of leafy greens (bok choy, spring mix, Collard greens, mustard greens) salad mixture (green beans, parsnips, squash, all chopped in a food processor), crickets, and commercial pellets.  His basking spot is around 95 and cool side is approximately 70. The bottom of his cage is lined with repticarpet which we check often for loose strings. He has rocks to clump on and a branch which he enjoys basking on. His bathrrom habits were normal until approximately 2 weeks ago.  He went 11 days without defecating and when he finally did, the urates were really hard.  I thought the problem was gone but now its been 6 days since.  I spoke to my vet and she suggested mineral oil (not very successful even when mixed with baby food) and warm soaks which we've done since he was a baby.  I have felt his belly and he feels full but there isn't any abnormal lumps.  He is still eating great and acting normal.  What am I doing wrong and what do you suggest?

Hello Lora,

What type of UVB are you using?  Is it a compact/coil light or a tube bulb?  
How often do you use calcium for him?
What type of thermometer are you using?  The basking is pretty good but you can go for a range of 95-105 & the cooler end of around 78-82.      
Do you have a picture of him?
You can give soft foods such as sugar free applesauce, canned pumpkin & mineral or olive oil, daily to help in case he is slightly backed up.  His diet sounds good, with great variety.
Are you bathing him, that can help also, by letting him swim. You can also give oral fluids with a plastic syringe or dropper.
Were the urates white or discolored?  When they are that hard it can indicate dehydration.

He is eating normally though?



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