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i got an iguana that have black spots.
this black spot is on body where on the center of areas that is swollen. these spots are dry and on toe and tail.
recently these spots were increased that are moist and like ink on toe and body. he has very painful on these areas. but he eat very good.
how can i do??
photo of black dry spots:
i havent any photo on black spots that are like ink.
plz answer as soon as possible. my iguana is very painful.

ANSWER: You can treat the spots with and antibiotic ointment.  Then you need to find out what caused them. IN my experience excess moisture and/or improper basking spots can do it.  Make sure your lizard has access to a basking spot in the high 80's and unfiltered UVB lighting.

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thank you for your response.
this is the changes that has happened after the last photos you seen in past days (3 or 4 days).
what do you think of these photos? do you think this is the same disease we talked.

ANSWER: I can't diagnose the disease for you.  First-I'm not a vet.  Second-via the internet makes that's very difficult for anyone.  If it is spreading you need to see a vet.  

I can make suggestions as to what might cause that type thing to happen. So again-what's the lighting situation?  What substrate are you using?  Are you providing UVB lighting?  If so, how?

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Thank you for your good answer.
i used Mupiocin 2% Anti bacterial Ointment. the black spot with swelling improved. the spots like ink are Were trimmed and shedding.
the pain of my ig is Disappeared and he is good. i am continuing the treatment until healing.
he have basking light (100 w) and reptiland 6% UVB lighting. the temp of center of his terrarium is 36 C and other side is 28 C. the substrate is soft Carpet.

All sounds very good.  

I'm curious about something-I notice you're in Iran, what types of vegetables do you typically feed him?  Over here in the U.S. I recommend collard greens, turnip greens and mustard greens.  DO you have those in your country?  I believe (please tell me if I am wrong) most of Iran is very dry so I'm wondering what types of vegetables are available to you?  


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