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we have a 10 month old male and a 4 month old female bearded dragons we are being told by self called experts on facebook that you shouldn't keep dragons together we have no problems with our 2 but are they right

Hi Andy,
They are correct.... Even though the beardies get along now, the time will come when they think they are old enough to breed.  When they are together, this happens way too young for both the male and female. This is very dangerous as it can cause a prolapse in both sexes and of course other severe health problems, such as egg binding with the female.
To make it even worse, your male is almost 3 times your females age which he can do grave harm to her with trying to breed.  It is coming up on breeding season real quick too.
If you plan on breeding, you want both to be 2 yrs old or more.  You also want to have them in their own set up, other than a short time during breeding season(if you wish to breed) when you put them together.
Also, when housed together, the male spends soo much time in pursuit of the female, they  both fail to eat properly and just become stressed in all ways.


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