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We have whites tree frog.  We have had her for 4 years and she lived for 2 years with another family previous to us but other than that we have no indication of her age.  She was taken to the vet last year for cloudy eyes.  The vet at that time was fairly certain it was protein or calcium deposits due to diet or possibly age since we do not know her full past.  At that time it consisted of crickets alternately dusted with vitamin or calcium powder.  He made a few diet adjustments and as a precaution also prescribed some Gentamicin Sulfate Solution (0.3%)in the last year the eyes have gotten slightly more cloudy.  It came to my attention after cleaning her tank yesterday that she was holding one of her eyes shut.  After further examination it appears there is a pin sized area that looks as though it has been punctured- there is a small bulge.  While I know 'in person' veterinary attention is what she needs but I can not provide that for her this month.  Unfortunately we had to replace our car engine and there went the savings account. I promise we are not bad pet owners it is just bad timing! My question is will the drops I have cause further damage or potentially help her if there is an abrasion?  Is there anything else that I can do that might be worth a try?  I know an eye injury can go bad VERY quickly so I am extremely concerned.

Very rough spot what I am doing is emailing our on staff Vet to ask as I am not a vet and I completely understand your concern please email me directly at or go to our site and fill in the Contact Us form but I am emailing him now. I will respond just as soon as possible.  


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