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I have a baby red foot tortious that I think is 4 to 5 months old. We just brought some 100% natural cypress mulch for her bedding (we had some other stuff in the tank before, sorry don't know the name of it but it looked liked little capsule or pills). Well now our baby red foot keeps trying to eat the cypress mulch in the newly laid out tank we just made for her (my wife is freaking out). I don't have food in the tank so she won't mistake it for food but now she keeps trying to bite at it. We've only had her for a week today and I just wanted to know any tips I can do to stop this from happening. We don't want to go to work and come home with her dead because she choked on it. Please any help would be appreciated. P.s thanks in advance (red foot newbie)

Put food in the tank, on a shallow plate or a piece of slate (chopped greens such as dandelion, turnip tops, etc - hopefully you have instructions on a proper tortoise diet).  With proper food available, she's unlikely to actually eat the bedding, though she might try to taste it.


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