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My wife and I just got a red foot on Thursday and to day is Monday, but she hasn't pooped yet. I've been on many websites saying put her in water. But still nothing and my wife it starting to worry since their suppose to poop twice a week. The guy at the store told is she's 5 months old. Also we started feeding her mix greens but now we just do dandalions and she loves them. I know I'm kind of everywhere with this but I'm not trying to forget anything. Also I have her in a tank with a UVB on one half and a 100w heat lamp on the other, at night I turn both off and put a night heat lamp in. Can you tell us why she's not pooping. My wife is starting to worry, p.s me too

Oh, don't panic.  It's possible that she hadn't been well fed before you got her!  Her gut may simply not have been full.  :)

If she's eating heartily, and drinking water, don't worry about pooping - it will happen eventually!

Don't feed her just ONE green, though.  While dandelions are nutritious, herbivorous reptiles need variety to ensure that they get a full range of balanced nutrition.  Redfoot tortoises are actually omnivores!  Here are some great diets for redfoots:

(Note: putting together a menu for an herbivorous and omnivorous reptile can seem complicated, but these diets are the reason why we can successfully keep these species in captivity now!  Good diet is vitally important for these long-lived animals).

Here's an article from one of the best tortoise sites on the web:

So - redfoot diet - a base of mixed greens (including dandelions), with a few veggies added, and occasional fruit and meat. :)


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