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Reptiles/Snow gecko sick?



I have a snow gecko that hasnt been eating for the past 1 week. Weve tried feeding him. Also, he barely wakes up or walks...used to be very active. My bf and I have been findin him upside down a few times during the night.

We dont know whats wrong...

Hi Natalie,

The fact that he is a Snow and you are finding him upside down jumped out at me.
There have been neurological effects noted with some reptile morphs. The Ball python morph called "Spider" develops what is known as the spider wobble and it is genetic.

With leos the Enigma morph displays circling, star-gazing and balance problems that result in flipping over and not righting. Similar issues have been noted with Mack Snows.

There are a couple links here with info. One is  a discussion with input from a couple snow owners describing the balance and feeding problems they noticed.


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