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black mole
black mole  
black mole
black mole  
QUESTION: My 6 year old male veiled chameleon has a black mole growing on his side.  It sticks out quite a bit.  What is this and what caused this?

ANSWER: Hello Alicia,

That is an interesting bump, indeed.  It could just be a calcium type of deposit, or a true mole, or some other type of benign tumor.
It doesn't appear infected.  Could it be a retained scale that has gotten infected possibly or from a cricket bite?  
I highly doubt it is a fungal issue though.  
You can try getting some raw, unpasteurized honey & treating the area.  It will dry & harden up on the area so you can wash it off every few days.  
How long has this mole or black spot been on him?
Is his appetite good or does it seem to be bothering him at all?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for a response.  The spot formed about four days ago and his moods and appetite have been the same.  I will do more research but your options definitely gave me more to work with as everyone i've asked has never heard of this.

Hello Alicia,

Well, I recently adopted a male bearded dragon with a oouple of bumps that look similiar but they are white.
I used some manuka honey on them & the smaller one has come off.  The larger one is starting to dry up so I hope it will come off.  When it came off, it was a yellowish color underneath like what an abscess or something would have looked like.
I don't know his background so there is no way to know what could have happened.  

Let me know how he is doing.



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