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I have seen a lot of sites and people that feed their dragons mice. Is this better for them, or just up to the owners choice, or the Dragon's preference. Like meal worms, or crickets. Thanx, I just took in a dragon that was eating worms, and crickets, but they ran out and didn't have the money to get more, and hasn't eaten in about a week. I can't get him to eat either of them now. I was wondering if I should try a pinkie mouse.

I thought I had answered this question previously:

Water dragons eat many different food items.  A photograph of your dragon may be useful for me, as I can tell you whether it has healthy body weight, or shows signs of illness or neglect.

If the dragon is thin and refusing food, please take it promptly to a veterinarian who is experienced in treating reptiles.

Most reptiles will take about a week to settle into a new home, and may not eat during this time.  They should not be handled at all if they are not eating regularly.  Baby water dragons will eat every other day.

In general, insects are the staple diet for water dragons, but they will also eat fish, small rodents, earthworms, and edible flowers and greens.  They should be given as many food items as they will eat in one sitting.  (Remove leftovers after 15 minutes).


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