QUESTION: When i was a kid i housed a jackson chamelon with a gecko (not sure if it was a crestie or not) but they got along just fine,  I was wondering if it would be OK to house them together again, as i'm older and can take better care (the chameleon died of dehydration and the gecko was given away then died a week later)

ANSWER: Hello Justi,

Let me know if you have other questions.


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QUESTION: Weres the answer

Hello Justi,

Your question posted twice, did you not get the first one with the answer?  I just answered this one with this as I had already sent the initial one.

Normally I don't recommend mixing too many different species together as they are not always compatible behavior wise or husbandry wise.
Were they both females that you had previously?
Chameleons are extremely sensitive to external stimuli & to temperature & humidity.
Geckos depending on the type, need varying types of set ups.  

Also, you would have to consider the sex of them too as males absolutely should not be housed together.

I think chameleons are usually best housed alone or with their own kind.  
Geckos can be housed with a different type of gecko but with the same/similar type of set up though.

Let me know if you have other questions.
Just checking to be sure you got my message.  :-)



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