When i was a kid i housed a jackson chamelon with a gecko (not sure if it was a crestie or not) but they got along just fine,  I was wondering if it would be OK to house them together again, as i'm older and can take better care (the chameleon died of dehydration and the gecko was given away then died a week later)

Hi Justi,

Mixed species enclosures can work under very specific circumstances and with certain species of reptiles. Chameleons are not good candidates for mixed tanks however. They are just too delicate and prone to stress related illness. You will not likely see outright aggression between a chameleon and another reptile and that can lead you to believe that everything is fine. The problem is more subtle that that. What happens is the chameleon just stops eating, drinking or basking and slowly goes downhill.

Stressed reptiles are also far more susceptible to disease and keeping reptiles from different parts of the world together increases the risk of disease transmission. Even if both reptiles seem healthy they can carry bacteria or other organisms that are pathogenic to a different species.  


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