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Speedy\'s stomach (egg)
Speedy's stomach (egg)  
So I've got a 2 year old leopard gecko that I'm almost certain is egg bound. She laid her first egg a week and a half ago, but you can still see another egg in her and it's seems to be getting harder and harder every day(the egg). If she is egg bound what options do I have? Also for awhile she wasn't eating or going to the washroom but has started to eat a tiny bit again and go to the washroom was in awhile, but it looks extremely difficult for her to do so. And she doesn't have as much energy as she used to(she's always sleeping) and she has a hard time just keeping her eyes open(as soon as she closes them they almost seem to start actually "growing" together). Let me know of if she is egg bound and what I can do for her and if there is any additional information that you would like to know.
Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!
   Me and Speedy really appreciate it!!!! :)

Hello Jennifer,

Wow poor Speedy that is rough.  It sounds like she is egg bound if she hasn't laid the other eggs.  They all should have basically been laid within the same time frame, for the most part.
You can try giving some extra calcium daily to help in case she is low in reserves.
Also, soaking her in warm water daily may also help.
Since she is having trouble going to the bathroom, the egg is clogging her up causing some issues.
Her eyes are not looking well?  Are her eyes cloudy or have any discharge coming from them?
What are the temperatures in her tank?
You can get some sterile saline solution to help her eyes out, to wash them out daily, also.  
You may need to start feeding her a little bit of chicken or turkey baby food to get some nutrition into her also.  Just use a plastic dropper or syringe to drop the food onto the end of her nose & mix extra calcium powder in with that also.
If this continues & she isn't able to lay the egg, the vet can give oxytocin to help induce labor.

Let me know how she is doing.


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