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My male leopard gecko has been acting strange lately. He's about 11months old. His colours and his shedding is fine. Tank is clean. Temperature is fine. I have stones (whatever their called) for his substrate. He keeps digging holes in the corner of the tank and he keeps scratching the window like he wants to get out. I let him out for a bit then I put him back in and he does it again. He also keeps refusing his food too...Also he has a little kind of air bubble by his armpit. Is he ill or is it normal?
P.S he has never met a female gecko if that helps?

Hi Tamica,

At eleven months your leo has reached sexual maturity and the behaviour you describe sounds typically hormonal. It is currently breeding season and he is essentially a teenager.

Male reptiles often become very restless and constantly seem to be trying to escape their enclosure during this time. They often stop eating as well. With some species you may notice increased aggression. It will pass in a few weeks at most.

The bubbles behind the front legs are extremely common. I have heard varying theories as to their cause but none from a definitive veterinary source.

They may be calcium (and fluid) based or possibly protein. That area is also where fat stores accumulate. They usually come and go and may be related to the use of supplements but are nothing to worry about.  


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