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My wife found this snake in our kitchen today and I would like to put her mind at rest by identifying it.  I have attached an image.  Please help

Well, it looks like a baby kingsnake.  (I'm also glad it's alive, so many photos where people say 'please identify this' are of deceased snakes. :( No need to kill them).

The Eastern Kingsnake, Lampropeltis getula getula, is a common harmless species where you live.  It's a friendly little guy to have around, because, like most kingsnakes, these snakes prefer to eat... other snakes. :)  So, this is a snake that you want to encourage around your property, if you are concerned about encountering venomous species; the kingsnakes will eat them.

This is also one of the most commonly kept pet snakes in the US, and possibly the world.  (These are rarely collected from the wild any longer, as extensive captive breeding for color and temperament has occurred - I don't believe Ohio allows collecting of them at all, so best to release him promptly, if you haven't already).

Since it's a baby, it might also be Lampropeltis getula niger, the black kingsnake; if so, it will lose the banding by the time it's an adult.  Black kingsnakes have similar habits and food preferences to the Eastern kingsnakes.


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