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Reptiles/softshell turtle crossing busy road


Hi Donna, I was traveling a busy road here in Florida (2 lane. same direction, very narrow) and I saw a large softshell up against the side of the road, trying to get over it so he could get into the woods on the other side...he was panicking and people were swerving around him; long story short I did a U turn and sped back and parked on the far side and ran across to just the nick of time for he had started to wander the middle of the road!!..I grabbed him and got him out of the way , luckily there was a brief lull in traffic or he was road I hope I did the right thing,,,I placed him in the woods on the side he was headed even though the wetland was on the side he came from...did I do the right thing or will be try to get back to the wetland side...thank you,,I need peace of mind here LOLL..Nick

The turtle was probably a female searching for a proper place to lay her eggs, and you did the right thing by helping her across in the direction she was traveling. :)  Once she has laid them, she may need to find her way back, but she needed to get where she was going!

Good work, and thank you for caring.  The best thing to do for turtles in the road, is help them across in the direction they're going. :)


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