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Female Bearded Dragon
Female Bearded Dragon  

We have a 2 year old female and male bearded dragon with a eco-carpet substrate. We found the female in their tree hideout with 18 eggs. Although every egg was infertile. Now the female bearded dragon has severe swelling and bruising around her vent. Im not sure if this is normal. I heard that eggs can burst inside the female without the correct substrate for her to lay in, but she seemed to find a spot to lay the 18 eggs in the tree hideout. Is this a normal occurrence after laying eggs or is something severely wrong with her?

Hello Ben,

She appears pretty thin.  Is she eating again since she has just laid infertile eggs?
This can be somewhat common, a slight prolapse & or swollen vent area.  Did she seem to strain laying eggs at all or were you able to see her lay any of them?   
They can have a ruptured follicle, correct, from a number of reasons from nutritional issues, egg binding, genetics.  
What type & brand of UVB are you using?  How often do you give calcium right now?  At the moment, she should be receiving calcium 4-5 times per week to help her replace what she has just lost.  

Are they housed together?
Have you bathed her to see if that helps her out a little bit?  You can get some ky jelly or vaseline to gently rub onto that area right now.  Has she gone to the bathroom since she has laid?
The swelling should begin to subside pretty soon.  



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