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HELP!  Yesterday as I was holding my nigerian uromastyx, I wiped his nose to remove the salt and he flailed a bit in protest.  When I put him down again he was dragging his legs and his tail was on an opposite curve causing his tummy to rub on the ground and his legs almost looked paralyzed ...they were moving but awkwardly.  He had a tough night sleeping because of his leg difficuly, he had to keep waking up to adjust. This morning he is still bent wrong but I think I have narrowed it down to it being his right hind leg.  He is really worrying me.  I have had him for 1.5 years and He is housed in a 90 gallon tank with plenty of hiding places and is usually a fantastic eater, sleeper and is very social.   He is still being social and I think he ate today, but the leg is really hindering his ability to walk and he looks like he is in pain (because when I touch it, he flinches)....when he sits and basks he seems fine except his right leg is not paralell to the left one anymore.  I cannot afford a vet as it costs $350 to examine him and do exrays plus more for treatment and I just cant afford it.  I need some expert advise on how I can help him...please!!!!

Pat I am very sorry to hear about the possible injury and the only recommendation I could give would be one of a veterinarian visit as without physically examining and xrays it would only be a guess as to what is wrong it could be any number of things from broken limb, nerve damage, etc and without xrays there's no way to tell.  


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