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so i have 2 questions.. i bought 2 baby bearded dragons both males very nice to each other there about 4 months old can i raise them together?? and my second question is one of my males has his back leg shaking a little why would he be doing that he walks fine and doesn't act hurt does he need more calcium?? i have a 100 wt bulb there in a 50 gallon long tank they hang out together and when you remove one the other dragon looks for his friend they don't like being separated i was told by the breeder that as long as i didn't bring a female in i was okay but other friends that have had a bearded dragon told me no separate them but i feel bad doing that if they get along so well what do you think?

Hi Amanda,

You will need to separate them. I'm surprised that the breeder suggested otherwise.

Their attitudes towards each other will change once the adult hormones start kicking in which is usually anytime from 6 months onward. Being raised together will not change that. It is the same situation with virtually all male lizard species. They can only be kept together as juveniles.

The two can become actively aggressive toward each other inflicting bite wounds or it could be more subtle then that. In that case the submissive male does not eat well or bask regularly and stays much smaller. The constant stress of being in the presence of a dominant male can cause his health to just gradually decline.

Beardeds are fast growing and have high calcium demands during that growth stage. Intermittent low blood calcium levels will cause trembling in the limbs. You didn't happen to mention what supplement schedule you have them on for calcium or your lighting situation. At that age their food should be dusted with calcium and vitamin D3 three or four times a week. Exposure to a UVB producing bulb will help them absorb that calcium.

I have included an excellent link for care here. Dr. Tosney is a biology professor and a breeder of bearded.

This link discusses tetany which is calcium related tremors.


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