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Reptiles/blue tongue skink passed away


I had a 5 or 6 yr. old blue tongue skink.  It was cold this winter and before long, he got a mild respiratory infection.  The vet treated it with batril & 2 topicals for his eye / nose area.  We got a stronger heat lamp and replaced the UBV just in case it was weak.  He cleared up but not completely - the vet saw him twice more within the next month and said use topicals when needed.  He was eating and pooping and we just used topicals but didn't tell vet he never healed totally.  He just seemed O.K., but when he took a turn for the worse late June, I did call the vet. He died last Mon. 7-8 right after going to the vet again.  His nose was unblocked and he was given fluids, 2 more antibiotics (died before he could take).  His bloodtest showed low protein and no sugar.  I had fed him water / sm. amt. of food w/ eyedropper week before until vet could see him.  This lizard never ate very well, refused most food, and would only lick egg, but every other day dogfood IAMs gravy and mashed banana, and only by spoon feeding (all 5 yrs).  He was wild caught, I'm sure now.  He squirmed, hissed and peed on us a lot.  I am completely devastated and wracked with guilt.  The one comfort I have is that I loved him and spent time with him out of his habitat every day.  He enjoyed crawling around sometimes and there is an awful guilt and empty hole in my heart that will take a long time to heal. Just trying to eat between crying because I can't do anything now that Daru is gone. I have 4 other animals to care for.  What do you think of his situation?

Hello Richard,

I am so sorry to hear about your blue tongue skink.  I am pretty sure he likely had pneumonia if it never fully cleared up.  I wonder if the Baytril was properly dosed?  How long was he on the Baytril for & which topicals were used?
Did the blood test reveal any renal or hepatic damage?  I can take a look over the blood test if you would like.  
Being wild caught is hard on them, that is for sure.  
I am so sorry.  At least he had a wonderful life & you spent a good amount of time with him.  If you spoon fed him then he was a pampered skink.  
I understand the pain & devastation of loss because I know that it takes part of your soul when they pass.
You did all you could within your realm.  I know Daru loved you & was grateful for care.  He never would have made it that far without you.
Time will help heal, but the pain honestly, never truly goes away if you are stronglI y bonded.  
Please don't blame yourself though, I believe he had a wonderful life.  Sometimes their little bodies just can't go on.

What other animals do you have?
I am sorry for your loss.



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