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recently I noticed I had a breeding pair of geckos as she started laying eggs and I also have another female in another habitat and would like to know if I can introduce the other female in the main larger habitat with the other male and female or should I move the male to her habitat ive set up an incubator and containers for babies so I would like maximize my chances of succeeding and also I was told they will eat the young but will they eat the eggs thank you !!! Jonny !! :-)

Hello Jonathan,

To keep better track of your lineage, I would introduce the male into the other female's tank so you know which eggs are which.  
How large it the other habitat, large enough for 3?  If you can keep track of the eggs from each female then that is fine.  A lot do keep a couple of females in with a male, but never two males of course.
Normally they wont eat the eggs but can kill the young, definitely.
That is great you have already set up incubators for them, too.

How old are they?



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