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QUESTION: My lizards love ground Turkey and it's supplement day I was wondering do I dust meat with calcium or not?

ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

What type of lizards do you have & how old are they?
Ground turkey is very high in protein & has some calcium but it shouldn't need to be dusted.  If it is supplement day, you could lightly sprinkle it with calcium powder if you would like, or sprinkle the greens to make sure they get calcium intake.
I would not feed ground turkey in too large of amounts due to the fat being high & they could get too much protein.


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QUESTION: The lizards I have are 2 juvenile chinese water dragons,curly tailed swift,5 lined skink and agama.I'm not sure how old they are because I didn't have them when they came out of eggs but I guess my agama and swift is maybe a year old my skink and water dragons are juveniles.If ground turkey is a big NO what meat can they eat and are raw eggs are good as a once in a while treat?Can they applesauce a lot that's the only fruit they love to eat & they don't eat vegetables?

Hello Porsher,

Oh ok, then.  The ground turkey is fine though.  Just be sure they get a balance of turkey, along with feeders just to insure that they hone their hunting skills & for exercise.I would give a cooked egg if you would like to give a little bit of egg.  That would be better than raw egg, though you can feed that.  I prefer the cooked.
Applesauce is fine, unsweetened, if they like it.  
Those species of lizards do not usually eat greens/veggies.  
Do you have any pictures of them all?  



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