QUESTION: My lizard heat bulb is broken for one of my lizards cage and it's summer can they stay in my house without it I don't get paid until next month?The area where they stay at in the house I keep it in the 80s.Can they either stay outside all day if not how long?


ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

Do you have a bright room you can move him into to help?  They need bright light.  Which one doesn't have a heat bulb or lamp?
You can take him outside for some sunshine, in intervals.  Don't leave him unattended though or placed in a glass terrarium as he will bake.  Either place him in a plastic bin or on your lap.  Watch for large overhead predators such as birds.  
I hope things are going well for them all!


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QUESTION: My tank with my juvenile chinese water dragon,skink, and agama.I keep them in my basement with light but no sunlight their down their because its less annoying people they have to hear.

Hello Porsher,

Are they going to be able to have any heating at all?  The water dragon shouldn't get too cold or   she/he wont make it.
If they are going to be at subpar heating, I wouldn't offer any food at all for them.  The skink & agama may slow down for a brumation type of behavior for a short period.
Your water dragon, I don't know.  She needs some heating of some type.



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