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Reptiles/blue tongue skink passed away


Lisa wrote at 2013-07-15 23:51:31
He was on the batyril for about a week and I stopped by the vet today to ask more.  He said that it was a strong dose and should have cleared up his resp. infec.  The 2 topicals were muciropen and gentak.  The blood test results showed no sugar and low protein in the blood.  The vet said he may have had a bone infection; he's not sure.  I am doing a little better over the loss, but it is hard.  I really did love him even though he was a lizard who didn't appreciate much handling.  He had beautiful eyes and basically I spent years in his company.  The last few weeks this illness just really flared up and that was hard to watch and not fun trying to get him to drink and eat from an eye dropper.  I greatly appreciate your understanding - he couldn't go on just like so many other folks and animals that are sick and I can't blame myself.  For other animals, I have a ferret (with adrenal disease just treated), corn snake (5 feet), and a bearded dragon with metabolic bone disease that I rescued (couldn't walk doing great now).  My name is Lisa I used my husband's email.

Lisa wrote at 2013-07-16 01:30:34

I forgot to tell you that I also have a dog (mastiff/ridgeback the rescue thinks).  Thanks for offering to look at the blood test but I don't have it and only know those 2 bits of info. about it.  Now that he's passed, I think I should let that go.


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