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Frilled dragon
Frilled dragon  

Frilled dragon
Frilled dragon  
Well i bought a frilled dragon like a year ago and he seems ok but now he is been sleeping too much  in his tree that is not under a light with uvb or heat ( but sometimes he goes to his basking spot) will he be ok if he keep like this?  And also his left hand is mostly under his chest, sometimes when he wants to move he shakes and sometimes he bends his left hand (palm) while walking but then he looks ok and he has no trouble of climbing which is good :) but should i take him to the vet?  And yes he has been eatting :) Also i havent seen him frilling his neck :/ in a while is thia normal? And the substrate im using is kind of like sand but i think is cocunt

Hello Oliver,

He sure is a pretty little thing!  How old is he, still young from what the pictures reveal.
Are you using a UVB light & if so, what type & brand do you use?  A fluorescent tube bulb or a compact/coil light?  
Do you use a digital probe or temp gun to measure the temperatures in the tank?
How often do you give calcium for him?
What type of feeders do you give to him?

Those symptoms sound like metabolic bone disease which is relatively common in lizards.  
The coconut substrate is ok, as long as he does not ingest it.  The shaking is muscular & neurological type of issues from calcium issues.  

Let me know how he is doing.  He needs to be taking in calcium 5 times per week, once daily for bone growth.



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